Tiny House Update – Insulation

At this point, all of the insulation for the tiny house is installed.  The first level and the ceiling received R-13 fiberglass insulation.  Some tiny house builders are more environmentally friendly and use sheep’s wool or a blown in insulation such as recycled newspaper.  I stayed away from these for a few reasons.

  1. They are harder to source.  I rarely make it home to work on the project and like to spend my time working on it, rather than looking for materials.
  2. They are unproven.  Very little research has been done that speaks to how they stand up over time
  3. Fiberglass was cheaper.  For blown in, the subcontractor needs to come out with their truck and equipment.  You can’t do the work yourself due to the specialized equipment.
  4. Fiberglass is easy to work with.  Literally just roll to the length you need and cut.

Normally I hate using fiberglass because it itches and will stay in your skin for days.  I was talking to a sales rep from Dow Corning though and he said they got rid of the “itch” about 5 years ago from their insulation.  I’m glad to report that he was telling the truth.  I handled some of it without gloves (not recommended) and I did not end up with a rash or any other unpleasant side effects.

In the loft I used rigid insulation.  There was so much electrical work going through the walls of the loft and staples holding the tyvek on that it was easier to rigid as opposed to fiberglass.  Fiberglass would have caught on the staples, torn, and been a pain to install around the conduits.  We were able to slide a layer of the rigid insulation behind the conduit and flush the another board with the conduit in front.  It took some wiggling, but it all fit.TIny house insulation 004

TIny house insulation 005 TIny house insulation 006 TIny house insulation 007 TIny house insulation 001 TIny house insulation 003

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2 Responses to Tiny House Update – Insulation

  1. joestolfi3 says:

    I’m curious if you will foam the edges of rigid board insulation?

  2. kmaibusch says:

    We did not foam the edges of the insulation as it was a pretty tight fit, and there were two layers of foam, so there should be overlap where normally a gap may occur. We only used foam around the doors and windows. The house is nearly complete at this point. I’ll be donig a few more blog updates with the rest of the progress on the house.

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