Tiny House Exterior Update

Sorry I have been silent for the past year and a half.  I have not been able to make it back to Illinois to work on the tiny house very often.  That is not to say that nothing has been accomplished though.  My dad is awesome and has started working on the house in some of his free time.

This post will cover only what has been done to the exterior of the house.  I will post separately for interior progress.

Let’s start with some pictures!


As you can see, the exterior of the house is nearly complete.  When I left the rear wall was still just covered in Tyvek.  My dad, the artisan that he is, took it upon himself to put the little sticks of redwood we had, and use them on the rear wall.  He also completed all the trim and siliconing around the wheel wells and the windows.

The loft overhang was completed by him as well.

At this point, the only remaining work on the exterior of the house would be to put new tires on the wheels and put them back on the house.  Interior progress to follow.

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