Loft Flooring

This post is long overdue, but while I was home over break I was able to install all of the flooring in the house, including the loft.  It is a good feeling knowing that it is all installed, but I know I have a long way to go before the flooring can be considered done.  I still need to continue sanding it all down so that it is level and then stain and seal it before it is done.

Instead of renting a floor sander for such a small space, we are using a belt sander and sanding across the grain to even it out to the same level.  The general rule is to never sand across the grain because it scratches the wood, but we need to in this case to make sure each piece is at the same level as the one next to it.  Once we get it level we will sand with the grain with a finer grit to remove any scratches we may have made with the first rough sanding.

The toughest part of working in the loft was the definitely the limited space.  As of now I have just under 3′ in the loft because I wanted to be sure I had headroom on the main floor.  Being bent over all day sawing, placing, gluing, and nailing everything in place was a lot tougher than when I did the flooring on the main floor and was able to stand and stretch from time to time.  Now the challenge is sanding it all because there is very little ventilation in the loft besides the sunlight.

As can be seen in the gallery, there is quite a bit of dust from the sanding, and we are nowhere near done with it.  We really need to focus on safety when we sand it and wear a mask and safety glasses to prevent the dust from getting in our lungs or eyes.  The other picture shows how we intend to do the walls of the house.  We are gong to glue and nail 1/4″ OSB to the walls, then nail the pine planking we got from the demolition sale to that.  This will make installing the planking go much quicker because we don’t need to try to make each piece line up to a stud.

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2 Responses to Loft Flooring

  1. Joe3 says:

    It’s probably too late, but did you consider an edge sander? Faster than a belt sander and a place to hook up a vacumn to. I rented one when I finished my softwood floor….just a thought!

  2. kmaibusch says:

    Would the edge sander be for before the flooring is installed? That would not work because the flooring had been refinished before and came from different rooms of the house we took it from, which is why they are all at different levels. There would be no way to know how much to sand the boards to make them all the same because of their varying heights.

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