Floor Acquisition

For the second weekend in a row I was back home and had the opportunity to work on the tiny house.  Instead of being home for a competition, this weekend I was home to watch an MMA event sponsored and hosted by the person I am named after.  Being home gave me ample time to continue work on the tiny house, which os great because I will have a very limited amount of time to work on it over Winter Break because I will be having surgery and will be stuck in bed for about a week.

I got home on Saturday and was able to view a few of the demolition sites where the sales had already taken place and was able to see whatever was left over that was available for purchase.  I must say that finding the website: demo-pro.com was one of the greatest days in terms of value for the tiny house.  It has allowed me to save a ton of money because I get things at a fraction of the actual cost, and am more environmentally friendly because I am re-using materials from sites where it would otherwise be demolished and put into the dump.

I ended up purchasing 300 square feet of oak flooring at $0.35 per square foot.  This came to a total cost of $105 before tax.  Oak flooring retails for about $3.00 per square foot which means I would have spent at least $900.00 before tax.  I was able to get the flooring for my entire tiny house at almost a tenth of the actual cost.  It requires more manual labor in removal, installation, and finishing, but I have more time for the house than I have money to spend on it which makes this a great value.

In order to get the flooring we had to remove the baseboards, then destroy the first course of wood.  We had to rip out the first course so that we could start on the rest of it.  We soon hit a rhythm and were able to get out of the house in about 3 hours. We had a good system going where dad and I removed the flooring and mom brought it to the truck and took all the pictures, which is why she is not in any of them.  Here are some pictures of the work we went through today to get the flooring:

As you can see, we had to store all the flooring in our garage for the moment while I am back at school and we are not able to install it.  I bought more than I needed by about 75 square feet because I am sure we will be doing a lot of cutting of the pieces in order to fit them all and I did not want to run short by a few feet here or there.  Being as cheap as it was, It did not cost me very much to buy more than I needed.

Before we can install the flooring we need to either pull the nails out of the planks or cut them off.  The problem with pulling them out is that it may split the wood, damaging it to the point where we are unable to use it.  That is a lot of work though because there is a lot of wood to pull nails from.  Once the flooring is installed, we have even more work to do because we will need to sand all of it and then refinish it.  It is a good things that this is all solid hardwood because we are able to do this.  If it had been engineered hardwood we probably would not have been able to reface the wood.  For those of you who do not know, engineered hardwood is basically plywood with a hardwood facing on it so that it has the appearance of a hardwood flooring at a slightly reduced price.  While engineered hardwood can be stronger and more inexpensive, having solid hardwood is most practical for me because I need to refinish it all.

One thing we had to be careful of while removing the flooring was not breaking the tongues or the grooves while we were removing it because it is all tongue and groove flooring.  It started out a little rough, but dad and I each found a technique to remove it all with minimal damage.  We still broke some of them off, but very few were broken to the point where we won’t be able to use them.  Also, since we are nailing and probably gluing everything down, it should all fit together and work out.  We will start the installation of the flooring in the loft because we will have very few penetrations and we don’t think that installing the walls or roof coverings in the loft will scratch the wood.  We will hold off on installing it in the main level because we are still using ladders and a bunch materials that could be potentially damaging to the flooring if we were to install it now.

One final thing to leave you with, here are some mockups of how my house may look when it is completed on the interior:

The only thing that will change here is that the sink will be where the microwave is, and I will probably be installing a small stove/oven where the sink is.  I may also add a back door because I have a small “patio” in the back and it would be nice to have access to it.  The toilet will also be turned 90 degrees to the right so that I can vent it out the back wall of the house.  For those of you who forgot, the toilet is an incinolet so I do not need to worry about black water or a composting toilet system.  The only byproduct will be clean ash that I can dispose with my garbage.  The bathroom will also have a pocket door so that it does not intrude on the living space at all.

That is all for now, although there were more purchases for the house, I will not reveal them at this time because we have not removed them from the demolition house yet and it may be too difficult to remove, so I do not want to go into too much detail.








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