Weekend Work

This past Halloween weekend I headed home for a commercial construction competition.  While the results of the competition did not favor my team, being home was nice as I was able to work on the tiny house.  When I first got home I was pleasantly surprised to see that my mom and dad got some of the work done on the house when I was at school.

When I went outside to see the house, I saw that the gable ends and soffits had been completed on both ends by my dad.  He had also put up a piece of fascia.

My mom looked into her inner artist and painted the door for me to match the color of the roof.

It was definitely a nice surprise to see all this work done before we even started working on it for the weekend.

After the competition I was able to go home and do some work on my own on the house.  Dad and I put up the rest of the fascia and I put the screws in the roof so we have a full line of screws along the leading edge and across the middle of the roof panels.

It was good that we were able to get all the fascia done because it started to rain yesterday towards the end of the day.

The last thing I worked on was insulating the overhang of the loft where my bed will be.  I made sure we insulated this very well because it is where my bed will be and it will also have air and wind passing under it, cooling the area even more.  We used rigid board foam insulation and were able to reach an R-value of 30.  This should more than take care of the area and keep it warm.  Unfortunately we do not have pictures of the work in progress, but we finished the loft by putting 3/4″ plywood up there and nailing it all down.  Later we will add screws and it will be there permanently.  We will then look into putting a hardwood flooring up there to finish it off.

As shown in the picture, we still need to insulate the walls, but we need to run wiring before we can do any of that.  For the ceiling dad realized that he has a lot of pallets at work and thought that could look good.  He had a few slats from a panel in his truck  that we were able to hold up to see how it would look.  I am happy to say that I liked how it looked, so we will probably be doing that which should save on expenses.  One thing I noticed while working in the loft was that it got extremely dark up there.  I will definitely need to put some kind of light up there, but I don’t want it to be too big because the headroom is already so low up there.  I am hoping we can use recessed can lights, but we only used 2×6’s in the loft, so they would need to be really shallow lights.  If that fails we might be able to use LED track lighting.

Overall I am really happy with the progress despite the very limited time I have to be able to get back home to work on it.  The next time I will be home is Thanksgiving Break, so we are planning on buying tires for the wheels and putting those on so we can move the tiny house closer to the real house.  If we can do this we won’t need to walk through the snow to work on the house.

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2 Responses to Weekend Work

  1. Paul schwartz says:

    If I did all the work myself. What would it cost to build including a new trailer.


  2. kmaibusch says:

    I am not finished yet, but it has cost me about $7500 so far. I have acquired many of the things to finish the interior and the exterior though. You need to look for bargains though. I milled fallen trees to use as my exterior siding and visited demolition sales for my door, hardwood flooring, and interior lighting. I was also able yo get my trailer for a very low price. For the cost of a new double axle trailer I would probably budget $2000 in addition to the $7500 I am at so far.

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