Roof Complete

This weekend I went home to put the steel roof on my tiny house so that it will be ready for winter.  Going into it, I did not really know what to expect because I had never installed a steel roof before, but it snapped together very easily and then it was just a matter of screwing everything together.  The only tricky areas were around the skylight and at the end of the roof because we had to trim the panels.  We had a small pair of tin snips to cut the panels with and it took a while because the cutting edges were only about an inch long and the panels were 4 feet long.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

This picture shows the ridge cap.  Unfortunately when we put it on we put a 10′ panel on one end of the roof, then the other, and it didn’t quite line up in the middle.  It is still watertight and we have the middle panel under the other two, but it is slightly unsightly.  Luckily, it is at the peak of the roof and not extremely visible.  The skylight is also shown in this picture, but some close up photos will follow.

This picture shows the roof and flashing around the skylight.  We had to buy a kit for flashing around the skylight and were unable to install the flashing when we installed the skylight because we had to install the roof first.  Towards the edge of the roof the roof panel goes under the flashing so that any water coming from the top of the roof will flow down the side of the skylight and the roof panels and will shed off the front flashing piece of the skylight.  We put a bead of silicone sealant along the front of the flashing and all around so that no water can get under the flashing.

While installing the roof panels we put mastic tape down to prevent water passage and also put a bead of silicone sealant before putting the panel down.  This extra step should help prevent water from coming up under the panels.

This is just an overall picture of the roof showing how it looks in general and the color of it.  As stated in an earlier post, I am planning on having the color of the door match the color of the roof.  The exterior of the house will be English Elm run vertically instead of horizontally as seen in many other tiny houses.  We are still waiting for it to dry as it still holds too much moisture to be stable to use.

As it sits now, we will be able to work on the house over Winter Break.  I just need to box out around the wheel wells and it will be completely weathertight.  So far it stops water from entering because the house wrap extends past the wheel well, but that is only a temporary solution.  We will need to box it out on the interior.  Also, we need to order another bag of screws for the roof to seal it up completely.  It is watertight as it sits, but we want to have a screw in each rib along the roof edge to make sure it is securely held down.

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