Windows, Door, Skylight, and Roof

This weekend I was able to get all the windows and the door installed with the help of my dad and my friend Brian from church.  Our original plan was to work on the roof, but the materials were not delivered in time so we did what we were able to do.  We were however able to lay the roofing felt and get the first steps of the skylight done so we could install it.

With the skylight we were able to get the opening cut and install it to an extent.  We screwed it in and put a self-adhesive membrane around the window.  We were going to install the flashing but need to wait until the roof is installed to do so.

With the windows and door we put them in place, put shims in and screwed them all in place.  We then went through with spray foam and caulking to seal everything up.

It was a very productive weekend overall and it ow allows us to install the roof when the materials come in and I am able to go back home.

Pictures will be loaded tomorrow as the website is not recognizing the recent downloads at the moment.

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