I was able to reach the goal I set for myself when I started this project.  I left for school Saturday evening after working on the house for the majority of the day.  Mom and I started on the housewrap in the morning, but a storm started rolling through and it delayed us for a couple of hours.

The delay allowed me to do some back to school shopping I had not yet done.

When the rain finally stopped we were able to get back to work and had picked up the door I bought from the demolition sale as well.

We put the sheathing up on the other half of the roof and finished the housewrap and I then headed down to school.  There’s not a whole lot else to say, so here are some pictures.

You can see that it is not quite 100% weather tight because a few triangle pieces are missing at the gable ends and we need to use the housewrap in those areas as well.

I will be ordering the roofing hopefully tomorrow and will head home for Labor Day weekend to work on the house some more.  Over that weekend I hope to install the door, windows, and roof as well as finish the house wrap so that it is 100% weather tight.  In the end I will be painting the door the same color as the roof, which I am planning on making a dark red or burgundy.





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