We were able to finish the first half of the roof yesterday.  The rafters we had cut were a little off, so we had to cut them all down to size by sawing the end off to be flush with the wall.  I thought it would be an easy job, but power tools proved to be too difficult to use because the guard on the circular saw kept getting caught and the reciprocating saw jumped around too much.  I ended up using a hand saw to remove the ends which took longer than I had hoped.

Before we could start putting the plywood on the roof we had to put the fascia board up.  We used some scrap OBS and had it overhanging the edge of the roof.  We then pushed the fascia board up so it was touching the OSB on each side.  The OSB was basically a spacer for the fascia board.

Once that was up we were able to get the roof put on.  Today we will get the other half of the roof up so that all we need to do before I leave for school is get the house wrap on and try to get the door and windows installed.  I would be fine with just the house wrap though in case I do not have time to do the doors and windows.

Nothing quite like a cold beer on the roof at the end of the day.

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