This weekend we were able to get the loft installed and more of the sheathing up on the exterior of the house.  We also relocated a window that was too close to the corner and covered by a wall.

We would have finished more, but on Saturday and Sunday morning we went to a demolition sale.  Basically, an auctioneer goes through a house before it is demolished and sells off all the building materials in it at a fraction of retail cost.  I was able to purchase a front door and had bought a hardwood floor as well.  I was lucky to get refunded on the floor though because when it was initially installed it was all glued down and we had no way of removing it.  The auctioneer was a stand-up guy and gave me my money back even though he did not have to.

Sunday morning we went back, and while my mom and dad bought oak stairs and an oak hand railing for our house, I purchased 4 recessed can lights for my tiny house.  I plan on installing them under the loft in the bathroom and the hallway.

The house that is set to be demolished is a beautiful mansion.  We do not know why the original owner sold it, but apparently their neighbor was the one who bought it from them.  They have decided to tear down the house in order to build a playground for their kids.  It must be nice to not need to worry about money to the extent that you can destroy a house to build a playground.

Time for pictures!


We would have started on the knee walls in the loft today, but when I got back from Home Depot after picking up the lumber it was looking pretty dark out like it was going to rain.  Sure enough, as we were unloading the lumber it started to rain.  The loft inside was not too difficult, but once we got outside where there were no supports it was a bit more difficult.  A couple of clamps made quick work of it though and we had the joists up in no time at all.  The section overhanging the house is where I am planning on putting my bed.  I will need to insulate it quite well in order to retain heat in the winter, but I think it will make for an effective use of space.

On the way home though I found a desk on the side of the road completely disassembled that I will try to use in my tiny house.  It is in pretty rough shape because the veneer on it is rippling and starting to peel off.  It needs to be completely refinished in order for me to use it.  My mom thinks I should just throw it away, but I have faith that I can restore it and have my first piece of furniture at no cost other than some hard work and material costs to refinish it.





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