Walls are Up!

Today my friend Bobby came over and helped put up the walls of the house.  Dad and I could have tried it with just the help of mom, but it probably would have taken longer and would have been harder.  Bobby definitely made the job easier.

It’s nice having friends who are willing to do manual labor for hotdogs and beer.  It’s helping with the budget too!

Overall it was a really productive day despite the heat and we really didn’t have any major issues in getting the walls up.  Once they were all up, they were square so we were lucky and did not have to do a lot of additional work.

This week we will continue sheathing the exterior and will start building the loft so we can raise that next weekend.  After that it is time for house wrap and then framing the roof.  I went to Menards to look at the steel roofing they have and they charge roughly $140 per 100 square feet.  That seems to be a good price, but I need to try to research it a bit more to be sure of the quality.  Also, I need to determine how much I need and what color I would like in a timely manner because it takes about a week to manufacture and ship, making it a long-lead item in terms of this project, especially because of the time constraints before I go back to school.





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One Response to Walls are Up!

  1. Joe Boisvert says:

    Check to see if there are any commercial roofing suppliers in your area who might have old stock that you can get on a discount.

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