Yesterday we bought 1/2″ OSB, 1-1/2″ screws, and more tubes of adhesive so that we would be able to put up the sheathing on the walls in preparation to raise them today. While sheathing could be done once the walls are raised, making them lighter in the process, it is also a bit harder to do the sheathing with them raised because you need to lift and line it up as opposed to laying it flat on top of the wall frame.

We were able to get the rear wall, part of the walls over the wheel wells, and the forward sections of the East and West walls complete with sheathing.  We did not put the sheathing on the entire walls yet because how the walls are designed, the East and West walls are currently in 2 parts.  The first part is from the front of the trailer to the start of the wheel wells, and the second part is from the wheel wells to the end of the trailer.  Because the wall is divided pretty much in the center, we chose to leave the sections of the sheathing where the walls will butt up against each other open.  In doing so, we will be able to span a piece joining the 2 walls together.  We are doing the same thing with the top rail.  This will provide more stability and strength where the break in the wall is.

It was a long day, but we were able to get a good amount of work done and will be able to raise the walls today with a little help from some friends.  I just need to buy beer and burgers because I promised them we would cook out after working for the day.

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