Wall Progress

Over the weekend we were able to build the portion of the East wall that extends over the fender of the trailer.  It was a little more difficult because we used a 4X4 to span the 6′ or so over the fender.  Because it was so thick we weren’t able to simply screw the studs on.  We had to use the long lag bolts in order to fix the studs to the bottom plate.

In putting the frosted glass window in the wall, it seems that we will need to custom build a shower section because I originally thought that the window was to run vertically, but it runs horizontally, so we need to build a notch in the shower area around it.  I am not worried about it though as the interior build-out is some time off.  Also, between my dad and myself, I’m sure we can rig something together.

We also built the South wall.  I do not have any pictures of this though as it was relavitely simple to build because there are not any windows or other openings in it.

One more wall to build, being the West wall, and then we can start lifting the walls into place.  It will start looking like a house in no time at all!

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