North Wall

Happy 4th of July everybody!  While most people barbecue and drink beer to celebrate America’s birthday, my dad and I worked on the tiny house some more.  We were able to finish most of the north wall before he had to go back to work to finish setting up the fireworks show.

We had to make the wall out of 2X8’s because the big bay window we are placing in the wall is surrounded by 8″ wide boards so we had to use the wider boards to support the window.

In the picture the cripples are not up above the window, but you can see the layout of the wall.  I added those in later, but dad had to head back to work.  I may add another top plate because it is not as tall as I had originally planned.   I need to revisit the roof design and consider switching to a 4/12 slope instead of a 3/12 slope.  I will keep you all posted as the decisions are made.

The wall will not be carrying a heavy load, so there is not much of a practical need for a double top plate other than to reach a desired height.  I plan on adding a storage loft above the window for bulk items such as my golf clubs, but will need to figure out another way to mount it because the top of the window makes mounting to the top of the wall too high to be useful.

We did not set the wall in place as it looks in the picture.  We were just lifting it to see how it would look standing up.  Looking at how high we will need to lift the window will make it quite hard, but we should be able to get it done with the help of a few other people.  Overall it was a great day!

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