Today I was able to purchase all the windows for my house so that I can start framing the walls and building the rest of the house.  I went to a Habitat for Humanity surplus store called “Restore” to purchase all the windows and ended up getting some great deals.  I was able to get a skylight, 6 regular windows, and a rectangular bay window at prices easily 50% less than retail.

To anyone else working on home improvement projects or similar projects to mine, I highly suggest seeing if here is a Restore in your area as they have many things to help wih your projects at very low costs.

Shown above are all the windows I bought.  The first is the big rectangular bay window.  I am planning on mounting it in the center of the wall at the tongue end of the trailer and building a little bench into it.  It is 3′ wide which should make for a good little reading nook.

On the trailer I placed the rest of the windows.  The window on the far left that is brown is the skylight, where the color does not matter quite as much.  It is operational with a built in shade for when I do not wish to be woken up in the morning.

The two windows next to it are 3′-0″ X 1′-0″ and will run horizontally on each side across the top of the wall just to let in some more natural light.  There are 3 that are stacked on the right, one of which has frosted glass which will be used in the bathroom.  The other 2 I am planning on putting on the side of the bathroom but further toward the tongue of the trailer.

The last window seen is slightly larger and shown at the top of the trailer.  I plan on putting that in the hallway outside the bathroom door so that the house has as much light as possible.  I am considering putting in a door that has a window in it to add some extra light, but I feel that so far between the bay window and the 7 others, I should have a substantial amount of light coming in.  Some of them are Energy Star rated, while others are not.  I think that all but 3 or so are new and I got them at a great price so I can not complain too much.

That is all for today, but I plan on buying lumber tomorrow so I can work on the walls during the long 4th of July weekend.

God Bless America and thank you to all our veterans and those serving our country currently.

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