Finished Floor!

Today we worked pretty much all day and were able to finally finish the floor!  I know you all must have been getting pretty sick of only reading about it, but I can guarantee you I was even more sick of it because it was the only thing we could work on.

I am hoping to visit a resale store next weekend to look at and potentially purchase windows so that we can start building the walls with window sizes in mind.

In the floors is 3.5″ of rigid board insulation, giving us an R-value of 17.5 in the floor.  The subfloor is not your typical plywood or OSB, but is instead solid plastic.  During a renovation at the golf course my dad works at they had a lot of left over plastic panels they were gong to throw out, so he salvaged them and we were able to get enough square footage to cover the entire floor and the sections that overhang the trailer.

I am very glad we were able to get this done as it is a major milestone in the project.  Now we can begin work on the walls and it will actually start to take shape.  In the following week I plan on taking a sharpie out there to lay out where everything will go.

To close, I also found a sink for my house.  I was driving to meet a friend and saw it on the side of the road, but left it because there wouldn’t be room for her in my car if I had picked it up.  Driving home it was still there, so I loaded it into the front seat.  It is a cast iron double sink with a porcelain finish.  It has a faucet and spray hose attached already.  I may replace the hardware though because it is rated at 2.0 gallons per minute, and if I have a limited water supply I want to conserve as much as possible.  That remains to be seen though.

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One Response to Finished Floor!

  1. Cheryl Maibusch says:

    Nice to see recent pictures Kie! Can’t wait to see it begin to go vertical.

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